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Amy N. Wyse

Counselor. Educator. Advocate. Supporting the Whole Child.

This website is designed to help you understand my role as a school counselor. Many people wonder what exactly a school counselor does. School counselors help students in three domains: academic achievement, personal/social development, and career development. School counselors also work with students on a range of issues from school work to classroom behavioral concerns to social relationships such as navigating friendships and any emotional hurdles that make focusing on school challenging.

​Counselors work directly with students in guidance curriculum lessons, individual planning sessions, and in responsive services (such as seeing students in groups).

Counselors also provide system support; consulting with teachers, administrators, and community stakeholders to develop, implement, and evaluate school and district wide goals.

My Background

I have been the school counselor here at Yokayo Elementary School since 2015 after having received my Masters in Social work from California State University, Sacramento. I am an Associate Clinical Social Worker and have completed my 3,200 supervision hours. I also have Bachelor of Arts in Human Development (a culmination of Psychology, Sociology and Cultural Anthropology) from Sonoma State University. I work with students individually, in groups, in classroom guidance activities, in student leadership, and in school-wide climate and culture initiatives. I am energized by helping students develop the skills they need to uncover their talents, strengths, and build towards a meaningful life. 

Children Embracing in Circle

My Philosophy:

To promote educational performance, providing each student with the opportunities to acquire the academic, career, personal and social competencies necessary to achieve quality learning and life-long success in a safe environment.

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